Character Profile: Bruno Claybourne

Bruno Claybourne is a wolfen fry-cook who lives and works in Lupa’s notoriously rough Riddle District. Losing his parents to the last Howler War, Bruno was unofficially adopted by Casimir Claybourne, a rabbit resistance soldier, and a hog called Werner Schwartz.

Shortly after the war, Casimir entered into an honest trade by setting up a licensed bar named The Warren, whilst Werner signed up to Lupa’s notoriously crooked police force, known simply as the Politzi. Cared for by Casimir and protected from Politzi intrusion by Werner’s influence, their young charge Bruno grew into a powerful young wolf, albeit one allergic to Lupa’s clouds of industrial pollution.

When not boxing down the gym, Bruno spends his days cooking up breakfast, lunch and dinner for the patrons of The Warren, dreaming always of a better life, but not quite knowing how to go about it. Until one dreary morning the famous Howler talent-scout, Rufus Valerio, walks in, orders breakfast and changes Bruno’s fate forever.


Name: Bruno Claybourne

Race: Wolf

Age: 15-16 (no certificate)

Occupation: Cook

Hobbies: Boxing

Relations: Casimir (adopted father); Werner (adopted uncle); Sara (best friend).


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