Character Profile: Rufus Valerio

Rufus Valerio is one of the most potent Howlers in all Lupa and a legend in his own lifetime, which is at once bothersome and advantageous. It’s all very well being famous, even feared, but it makes you a target for rumour, expectation and even attempts on one’s life.

Having suffered the horrors of the war beside his sweetheart Janoah, the jaded Rufus has lately drifted away from both his wife and his pack. Sensing his time in the mortal coil may be curtailed, he shirks duty in pursuit of his true love; the advance of science and reason. To this end he has for years canvassed the Elders and Den Fathers to grant him an expedition to the Dead Cities, where he hopes to uncover not only the root of a previous civilisation, but a cure for the great affliction that causes wolves to suffer and die as Howlers.

In the meantime, Rufus maintains his usefulness to the Bloodfangs, and therefore his precarious position, by hunting down potential Howlers for induction, his keen senses never failing him. His latest find is quite the catch, but can he hold onto him?


Name: Rufus Valerio

Race: Red Wolf

Age: Not even 33, or so he claims

Occupation: Howler and Fellow of Arkady University

Hobbies: Imperiology, entomology, attractive young Howlers

Relations: Janoah (wife); Ivan (partner); Professor Heath (friend); Uther (open to debate)


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