Character Profile: Sara Hummel

Sara Hummel comes from Everdor, that breadbasket of the Lupine Continent, and as such sports the black coat and honey-yellow eyes typical of wolves from that green and wild country. She is rather small and self-conscious of it, but what Sara lacks in physical clout she makes up for in wit and determination. It’s a foolish beast indeed who crosses her.

Though she despises Lupa’s pollution and crime, not to mention its oligarchic Howler regime, Sara braved the city to gain an education at the prestigious Arkady University, studying under the famous Professor Heath and even coming to know that legendary Howler, Rufus Valerio. Sara is Heath’s star pupil, perhaps partly because, as an Everdorian wolf, she is accustomed to dealing with the giant bugs that roam the wilder regions of Erde. Bees are her favourite, but she respects all Erde’s creatures.

Despite boasting many scientifically-minded and illustrious peers in her circle, the one beast Sara holds above all others is her best friend Bruno, a kind, funny, if slightly daft fry-cook she met by sheer chance. Despite Bruno often moving house, he and Sara have kept in touch and they meet whenever they can, often going to the pictures or walking by the river, discussing life and the future.

Then one evening Bruno fails to turn up for a night out and Sara fears that the rapacious City of Lupa has claimed another victim. What has happened? What can she do? To whom can she turn?

Name: Sara Hummel

Race: Wolf

Age: 17

Occupation: Student at Arkady University

Hobbies: Bee-keeping, bugs, moving pictures, art

Relations: Cora (mother); Bruno (best friend); Olivia (schoolmate); Tristan (friend)


IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.

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