Character Profile: Monty Buttle

Montague Buttle is a dapper ginger cat from Felicia, the feline capital across the Teich. Though not royalty he once hobnobbed with the best of them and even managed to steal the heart of the Queen’s very capable and much-loved cousin, Penelope.

Monty and Penny married against the will of most family members concerned, including the Queen, which is one of the factors that led to the couple’s social ostracism, the other being their ‘great ambition’.

As to this great ambition, well, that I must leave to the book.


Name: Montague (Monty) Buttle

Race: Cat

Age: Life in me yet!

Occupation: Inventor and entrepreneur

Hobbies: Fast cars, travelling the globe

Relations: Penny (wife); Rufus (friend); Linus (friend)


IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.


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