Character Profile: Adal Weiss

Adal Weiss is the head of ALPHA, a pseudo pack/wolfen police force set up after the last Howler War. ALPHA’s remit, and therefore Adal’s, is to curb the corrupt excesses of the oligarchical Howlers that rule the metropolis of Lupa.

ALPHA ‘Prefects’ are able to arrest, interview and bring charges against any Howler below the rank of Den Father. However, owing to the nuisance Adal Weiss and his ‘black-cloaked bullies’ make of themselves in the pursuit of justice, most wolves of rank are already whispering that perhaps ALPHA’s inception was a bad idea.

Having suffered great personal losses during the war and almost dying himself several times, Adal takes his job as Lupa’s conscience completely seriously. A reserved, stoical, highly disciplined wolf who does not drink or smoulder, Adal appears a horrendous bore at a distance. Worse, he’s lately begun styling himself as ‘the Alpha’, like some wolfen dictator of old!

Has it all gone to his head? Some say so, yet most beasts come away from their first meeting with ‘the Alpha’ shocked at how amiable and approachable he is, often struggling to shake off his charismatic spell. He’s rather short, they say, and yet he fills the room with his dry wit and easy charm. When he takes you by the shoulder and locks you with his ice-blue eyes he makes you feel, for a moment, the most important beast in the world.


Name: Adal Weiss

Race: Wolf

Age: The ‘war generation’ like so many wolves of consequence

Occupation: Grand Prefect

Hobbies: A surprising many

Relations: Horst, Nikita and Duncan, all old comrades from the war.

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