Gallery: Uther & Linus

A sketch of the confident Uther and worrisome Linus relaxing amidst one of Lupa’s rare green spaces. The smokestacks of industry rise and billow in the background, contributing to the pollution that has devastated the city’s hinterlands.

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  1. I adore your artwork! I originally stumbled upon it when I saw your Linus and Uther gallery. And upon further inspection, I just realized that it comes from the world of a novel! I just bought the ebook! So excited to read it! I am releasing my own animal-themed fantasy series later in April. Any tips as someone who’s been published in the anthropomorphic animal market for almost a year now? Where have you had the most luck marketing this kind of novel? Now that I’m hitting the marketing stage, I’m feeling that it is a very niche market.


    1. Hello kookamungakat. I wish you all the best with your series. The world needs more anthro.

      Posting information about your novels on various social media platforms is one way to put the word out. However, often the places with the highest footfall are the least useful. If you feel you are niche you could instead target your audience. If you write a book about, let’s say, horticulture and wave it at a hundred random people, maybe one or two be interested – the rest have no love for gardening and will walk on by. Set up stall at a flower convention and you’ll get a much more positive response!

      However, try not to worry too much about this, especially early on. Your writings will likely be around in some form ‘forever’ in the internet age; there is no mad rush to sell a pile of printed matter your publisher invested in and clear stockroom space like in the old days. In fact, the very morning my first ever book was published I had a serious family incident that put things into sharp focus. We only have one life to lead and it’s best to spend as much of it as possible doing whatever makes you smile – and if that’s the process of writing then you’ll be fine.

      I’m glad you enjoy my work. Plenty more artwork to come.

      Kind regards.

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