Shop Item: Pin Badge Pack

Official Imperium Lupi pin badge packs now in our new shop.


6 x 25mm pin badges bearing the crests of the wolf packs, as featured in the novel Imperium Lupi.

FULL SET, now with card backing. Remove the affixing glue for use, and if you want to place badges back on the card for display or keeping, simply stick them in place with tack or pin them through the card – mind your fingers!

Bloodfang – The deadly Bloodfangs, masters of imperium wielding.

ALPHA – The unofficial pack set up to police the Howlers.

Greystone – Those great wolfen engineers.

Eisbrand – The shining knights of old.

Hummel – Denizens of the forest, in touch with nature.

Jua-mata – The wild nomadic hyena tribe.


Based on the novel ‘Imperium Lupi’ by Adam Browne. Associated artwork and merchandise produced and licensed exclusively by Dayfly Publications. All rights reserved


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