By the Same Author…

SOLDAT: Knights of Mars

Many years have passed since the war between Earth and Mars. A tenuous peace holds, but a new foe is wreaking havoc in the Solar System, one that threatens the very future of humanity. They call it, the Mould.

Join Sanjay Patel and his secret unit of super soldiers as they fight not only for mankind’s right to exist, but their own.

SOLDAT: KoM is set to an 80’s-inspired sci-fi future featuring clunky androids, neon shoes and a monstrous alien invader.



Art by Adam Browne & Emmanuel Francisco.

Expanded Synoposis

After witnessing the destruction of Earth’s capital warship at the tentacles of the Mould, Helen Hunter returns to Earth an orphan, memories of the alien monstrosity and the red-haired soldier who saved her life fading with each passing year. A decade later, the teenage Helen emigrates to the frontier-spirited Mars with her best friend Simon Vaillant in search of career prospects.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Patel of Olympus Technologies, premier automaton and bioengineering corporation in the solar system, is attempting to restore the tattered reputation of ‘Project SOLDAT’ by reviving three of the original super soldiers, Benjamin, Franck and Elliot – the eponymous Soldats. But the wily Sanjay has yet more up his scientific sleeve; he has developed the top-secret ‘Brigandine’. With this new bio-weapon and the Soldats to wield it, Sanjay hopes to track down and safely eradicate every fleck of Mould before it’s too late.

However, Olympus Tech is not the only group concerned with the Mould. A black ops Earth-side organisation managed by the secretive ‘Herr Doctor’ has its eye on O.T.’s research. After many years ago capturing and cruelly experimenting on a group of AWOL Soldats, Earth has developed its own brand of super soldier, the soulless, murderous Praetorian.

For Constable Helen Hunter life on Mars is good, albeit not what she envisaged. Until, one extraordinary night down on the beat, her past explodes upon the present. Few know it, but the fight for Mars, if not the solar system, has just begun.



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