ALPHA will see you now…

ALPHA was set up after the last Howler War to police the packs and stop corruption. Here are some of the characters who either begin the story within the organization, or join it at some point in the future.

Janoah Valerio – An ex-Bloodfang playing a dangerous game.

Rafe Stenton – ALPHA’s mysterious and powerful new recruit.

Meryl Stroud – Grau’s strongly-principled assistant.

Toggle – As long as there’s honey, she’s happy.

Adal Weiss – The charismatic leader of ALPHA.

Nikita Remek – Adal’s old friend and second in command.

Horst Jaeger – A pugnacious wolf covered in medals and glory.

Silvermane – An ambitious newcomer to the front bench.

Duncan Hummel – A mighty, yet amiable wolf from the dark forests of Everdor.

Josef Grau – An ingenious cat consumed by his quest to understand the power of imperium.


A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats fester within the Lupan Wall. There are those who would overturn the rule of the Den Fathers, if not the dominion of wolfkind altogether, by persuasion, murder, even genocide, if that’s what it takes.

Imperium Lupi is a gritty, steampunk, fantasy adventure packed with intrigue and flexible morals. The true monsters are not the giant insects that stalk the wild world of Erde, but the beasts who don the mask of civility to cover their crooked convictions.

For the Republic Lupi!

Imperium Lupi, created by Adam Browne and published by Dayfly, all rights reserved.

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