Character Profile: Gunnar Greystone

Gunnar is a young Howler from the Greystone faction of Lupa and has all the hallmarks of that pack – the short brown fur, the true Lupan accent and, like any self-respecting Greystone, various gadgets (toys some sneer) tucked away in his capacious backpack.

An ex-Watcher, Gunnar gave up guarding Lupa’s hinterlands for a position in one of the city’s roughest districts. He did so out of boredom, or so he claims. In truth it likely has more to do with getting his paws on extra rations of venom to sell on the black market… but you didn’t hear that from me! Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Gunnar’s pride and joy is his Greystone rifle, or so outsiders call them. The real names and models of rifles are lost on most Bloodfangs and Eisbrands, who still regard projectile weaponry as a base necessity rather than an honourable pursuit. Besides, many Howlers are able to deflect shots with their spectral-field, rendering pistols and rifles less effective against fellow Howlers than the general populace. However, as rifles become ever more powerful this astounding feat becomes ever more difficult to pull off.

Name: Gunnar

Race: Wolf

Age: Around 17-18

Occupation: Howler, ex-Watcher

Hobbies: Illegal Imperium-skimming

Relations: Bodvar (brother), Bruno (old friend)

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