Character Profile: Den Father Thorvald

Thorvald Strom is Den Father of the Eisbrands and has been for as long as most other Howlers have been alive. He served in his youth as a Watcher, travelling far and wide across the Lupine Continent. He saw much of the ways of Erde before settling down as an Elder to lead his district. Thorvald was still young at the time; the term ‘Elder’ denotes rank rather than age. Some years later when the previous Den Father passed, Thorvald, still a powerful warrior in his prime, was chosen by his fellow Elders to lead the pack, and he has done so ever since. Though he took a wife who was thought to be healthy, many of their offspring were stillborn, no doubt due to the pollution that swills in Thorvald’s and indeed every other Howler’s imperium-fuelled blood.

Though he’s getting on now, and there are days when the privations of being a Howler are nearly too much for even his mighty constitution, Thorvald retains his wits and a great deal of respect. Indeed, he’s perhaps the only pack leader that everyone agrees deserves to be where he is and should remain there for the sake of Lupa’s stability.

The only wrinkle in Thorvald’s stellar reputation is his special fondness for certain wolves, particularly the cousins Ivan and Tristan Donskoy. Ivan betrayed the pack, switching allegiance to the Bloodfangs, yet Thorvald refused to put about any kind of recrimination when not so long ago a Howler would’ve been hunted down and assassinated for such a betrayal. The Den Father’s behavior towards Tristan is equally inexplicable, raising the young wolf through the ranks ahead of his age and ability, some say. Beasts whisper as to why, some saying that the Den Father sees in them the sons he never had, the sons that were stillborn.


Name: Thorvald Strom

Race: Steppes Wolf

Age: Old as the hills

Occupation: Den Father, ex-Watcher

Hobbies: Telling off-colour jokes

Relations: Like all Eisbrands, old Thorvald has countless extended relations, but true close familial ties are harder to pin down. Most of his were lost in the last war. We shall see.

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