Character Profile – Ivan Donskoy (updated)

Ivan Donskoy is one of the more enigmatic wolves to walk Lupa’s streets. Born in a traveller’s wagon on the Great Steppes during a blizzard, or so beasts say, his fur coat is pure white from head to toe and his eyes are a crisp polar blue. Ivan’s parents migrated to Lupa not long before the war broke out, a war in which they were to die whilst Ivan not only lived, but thrived.

Upon realising he had the deadly disease that eats away at every Howler, Ivan joined the knightly Eisbrands to get his medicine in return for service. In their glittering academies, young Donskoy learnt to wield his powers and his sword, before being thrust into the front line against rival Howlers, rebels and even ferocious Chakaa hyenas in the terrible three-way battle for Lupa and the continent.

Somehow, amidst the flames and blood, Ivan met and befriended the great Rufus Valerio, a Bloodfang and therefore a sworn enemy at the time. What happened between them remains a mystery to outsiders, but when the dust of war had settled and peace took hold, Ivan sought out Rufus Valerio. Finding him very much alive, Ivan abandoned the Eisbrands and joined the Bloodfangs to serve at his side. Some say Rufus saved Ivan’s life; some say they helped one another; still others, knowing Rufus for the wolf he is, continue to cast aspersions on Ivan’s honour to this day.

Some years later, Ivan was introduced to Prince Noss Jua-mata; a young Chakaa whom Rufus had invited to the Bloodfangs to learn how to be a Howler as part of the hyena integration programme. During their time together Prince Noss dubbed Ivan ‘Blade-dancer’ and Rufus ‘Red-mist’. Wolfen names mean nothing to hyenas, so when a hyena is in any way fond of a wolf or any other foreign beast, they are wont to rename them. It is a great honour and has even caught on amongst the wolves. Everyone knows the great Blade-dancer and Red-mist, though many also know them disparagingly as hyena-lovers, and even, in Ivan’s case, a traitor for switching packs… though it’s a foolhardy fellow who dares utter such slander to his face.

Name: Ivan Donskoy

Race: Steppes Wolf

Age: Mid twenties, though born on the Steppes with no birth certificate

Occupation: Howler

Hobbies: Polishing his monobike

Relations: Rufus (partner); Uther (comrade); Tristan (cousin)

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