Character Profile: Janoah Valerio

Janoah Valerio is a Howler; a wolf able to wield the seemingly magical mineral imperium and turn its power against the enemies of the Republic. Her allegiance is to the Bloodfangs, the pack who first inducted her into their ranks when she was just a cub and thus gave her a chance at life. However, there are many who whisper that Janoah’s only loyalty is to herself and, just possibly, her estranged husband of many years, the famous Rufus Valerio.

A ferocious and cunning wolfess even among the notorious Bloodfangs, Janoah is not a beast one should cross lightly, yet she is good to those loyal to her and will stand up for those who have put themselves out.

Lately, Janoah has her sights set on a career move. After years stagnating in the rundown Riddle District, there is a new wolf on the horizon who may just be able to propel her into the big league; all she has to do is get to him first.

Name: Janoah Valerio

Race: Red Wolf

Age: She’s not telling you!

Occupation: Howler

Hobbies: Reading, keeping Rufus alive

Relations: Rufus (husband); Vladimir (a friend, of sorts); Amael (perhaps more than a friend).


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