Character Profile: Rafe Stenton

Rafe Stenton is ALPHA’s mysterious new recruit, brought in by Janoah and Silvermane to wield ALPHA’s experimental ‘Eisenpelz’; a powerful relic of a bygone age that only pure-blooded Howlers are strong enough to wear…

Most packs retain a cache of so-called Eisenpelz suits, but remain unable to field them since the Lupan Laws forbid their use. However, ALPHA is not a true pack, but a state-funded organisation, and thus falls into a legal grey area regarding this and so many other Lupan Laws. Therefore, as part of a secret project, Rafe Stenton has been chosen by ALPHA to not only test their first and only Eisenpelz, but use it to stamp out crime and disorder in the city.

It takes wolves of incredible strength and imperious power to withstand the strain of an Eisenpelz, male or female. Usually they are the offspring of two Howlers; a pure-blood, a breed also outlawed since the war. Rafe is surely such a wolf, perhaps the last legally born before the Lupan Laws forbade Howler marriage altogether. This supposition is inferred by Dr. Josef’s tests upon Rafe, since not much is known about him; even Janoah’s information on her special recruit is scant and unverifiable.

Still, with a body chiselled from granite and enough imperium flowing in his veins to power a city block, Rafe Stenton could well be the axel around which the fate of Lupa and the Erde turns… if only he had a brain.

Name: Rafe Stenton

Race: Lupan Wolf (& pure-blood)

Age: ???

Occupation: Prefect & Eisenwolf

Hobbies: Boxing, training, hanging out with Meryl, and possibly more if he can only remember….

Relations: Meryl (his carer), Janoah (superior), Josef (his doctor)


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