Character Profile: Nurka Jua-mata

Nurka Jua-mata is a Chakaa; a hyena cursed by Mother Erde to wield imperium and thus suffer its trials. Raised beside his Chakaa brothers Themba and Madou by the great Prince Noss, Nurka naturally took the lead amongst the three students. He is something of a prodigy, extremely intelligent and accomplished in many disciplines, yet as physically imposing as any Chakaa, with many a swooning hyena claiming he’s very handsome to boot.

So far as ALPHA intelligence can ascertain, Nurka is one of the ringleaders of THORN, the hyena resistance movement who claim to fight for their people’s freedom and right of the tribes to roam the continent as nomads again.

To this professed end, Nurka and his comrades have disrupted Lupan supply lines and stolen valuable imperium for some time. It now appears they are almost ready to strike. When and where and how remain a mystery, and it’s a race against time for the Howlers and Prefects of Lupa to figure out the plot and bring Nurka down.


Name: Nurka of the Jua-mata

Race: Hyena

Age: “Old enough….”

Occupation: Leader of THORN?

Hobbies: Reading, calligraphy, imperiology

Relations: Noss (Prince, teacher and brother Chakaa); Themba (brother Chakaa); Madou (brother Chakaa).

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