Character Profile – Themba Jua-mata (updated)

Themba Jua-mata is one the the three Chakaa (Howler equivalent) hyenas who Prince Noss adopted and raised, the others being Nurka and Madou. Themba is the biggest of this remarkable trio and well-suited to wielding his mighty kristahl hammer, the use of which these past few years has only made Themba grow stronger.

Though argumentative and very often disagreeing with Nurka’s immediate decisions, in the wider scheme of things Themba is intensely loyal to his chief and believes firmly in Nurka’s ambition to free the hyenas from wolfen domination.

Themba is known as a mighty hunter and has slain many giant centipedes during his short time on Erde.


Name: Themba Jua-mata

Race: Hyena

Age: About the same as Nurka and Madou

Occupation: Chakaa and member of THORN

Hobbies: Hitting things with his hammer

Relations: Nurka (Chief and brother Chakaa); Madou (brother Chakaa); Noss (Prince, brother chakaa and teacher)

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