Character Profile – Linus Mills


Linus Mills is a newly-minted Howler of Bloodfang allegiance. Like many Bloodfangs he hails from far afield, his blonde fur hinting at his South Rostsonner background. His first partner and new best friend is the renowned Uther Wildheart.

Though very young and naive, Linus is well-read and trains hard. He finished top of his year at the academy, granting him a direct promotion to Howler 1st class, skipping the 2nd and 3rd ranks below him, a process that ordinarily requires a few years. Thus Linus is truly ahead of the curve, yet he doesn’t seem to realise it.

Afflicted with an embarrassing stammer, Linus is underwhelmed by his own ability. Modest and self-effacing to the point of harm, he needs to learn not only how to respect himself, but to manoeuvre in the deadly game of Howler politics before someone, somewhere, attempts to destroy him.


Name: Linus Mills

Race: Rostsonne Wolf

Age: 17-18

Occupation: Howler

Hobbies: Entomology, imperiology, keeping a diary

Relations: Uther (partner and best friend); Vladimir (superior); Rosalina (friend).


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