Character Profile: Meryl Stroud

Meryl Stroud hails from Eisbrand Territory, though she is not a Howler herself, nor is she in any way attached to the Eisbrand pack. She grew up in the care of her aunt on the Graumeer coast, living amongst rowdy otters, salty water rats and other seafaring beasts, the war and other troubles largely passing her by. Even so, or perhaps because of this, she blossomed into a caring, gentle wolfess, albeit no fool.

Once of age she travelled to Lupa, attending Arkady University with a mind to study imperiology and biology. Whilst there under the eternal cloud of Lupa’s pollution, the so-called Ashfall, she watched her afflicted childhood friend Tristan Donskoy rapidly deteriorate, until he had no choice but to join a pack to survive, abandoning his academic dreams to instead walk the streets in the ferocious guise of a Howler. It was then that Meryl decided she should try to find some remedy for the deadly affliction that has claimed so many lives and dreams, past and present.

Unable to secure a research grant at Arkady, the freshly graduated Meryl was lucky enough to find employment under her old tutor Josef Grau, then lingering in Bloodfang Territory. Knowing Josef to be a cat of great scientific ability, Meryl now hopes that between them some progress might be made on the cutting edge of imperiology.

Then one night a new and most remarkable patient lands on Meryl’s operating table. She agrees to help Josef save this young wolf’s life, but at what cost to him and to her conscience?

Name: Meryl Stroud

Race: Wolf

Age: 18

Occupation: Nurse

Hobbies: Gardening

Relations: Rafe (her patient); Josef Grau (mentor); Tristan (best friend)

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