Character Profile: Vladimir Oromov

Vladimir Oromov is a Bloodfang of Grand Howler rank. A distinguished-looking, highly intelligent wolf, Vladimir is an expert mover in Howler circles. Always watching, forever waiting, knowing when to speak out and when to remain silent. Thus, despite being tall and obvious at any gathering, he is often overlooked, dismissed by Elder Amael as a weakling pen-pusher who at best runs his department efficiently.

Vladimir’s subordinates know him quite differently, as a wolf of tall demands and a short temper. He is not above clouting wayward Howlers round the back of the head or twisting an ear when he loses his cool, feels challenged, or betrayed, especially by those he has guided and nourished. Whether Vladimir realises it or not, or downplays the matter or not, he is a classic ‘alpha’ wolf.

The question is, after stumbling across the plot of the century, can Vladimir sail the choppy waters of Lupan politics and see himself, his wolves and perhaps the entire Republic Lupa safe, or will they all be dashed upon the rocks?


Name: Vladimir Oromov

Race: Steppes wolf

Age: Early thirties, but nobody really knows

Occupation: Grand Howler

Hobbies: Botany, imperiology, and almost everything else

Relations: Would rather not say


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