Update Your Kindle Edition

If you have the Kindle version of Imperium Lupi you can update to the 2nd Edition for free.


How do I do that?

Simply sign in to Amazon, hover your mouse pointer over ‘Account & Lists‘ at the top, navigate down to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices‘, find your copy of Imperium Lupi under ‘Content‘ tab and click ‘Update Available‘. This will deliver the updated edition of the e-book to your Kindle. Warning, you may lose notes and highlights you made.


Whats new?

Many typos and errors have been corrected since the 2017 release, depending how old your edition is. There have also been some corrections to lore, such as Blitterfly, Blitzfly and, most importantly, the removal of the word ‘corona’. This term has changed to ‘spectra’, for obvious reasons. Some artwork has also been updated (especially if you have a fairly old edition) and some websites.

If you have already read the book through, or have a hard-copy, then none of this will matter very much, but if you wish to re-read Imperium Lupi then it may be worth updating to familiarise yourself with the new vocabulary, especially everything to do with the term ‘imperium-spectra’.


Has the paperback been updated too?

Yes, the paperback of Imperium Lupi is now in its official 2nd Edition. To mark the occasion it has been given a new cover, which reflects the hardback.


How do I know if i have the right edition?

If the copyright at the beginning of the book states “This edition published by Dayfly Publications 2020” on the third line, then you are probably up to date already.


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