What is DOGS of MARS?

DOGS of MARS: Dog from the Machine is a retro sci-fi novel set in a parallel universe where dogs evolved to the heights of humanity instead of our simian ancestors. Though much of our universe is present and recognisable, everything human is canine. There are many dog races to be found, including huskers, shibans, dobers, akitans, alsatians and more, each with their own familiar traits.

DOM Cast 2

As a retro sci-fi, Dogs of Mars has a decidedly late 1980’s, early 90’s pop-culture idea of the future; bold clothes, neon signs, shining spires; clunky robot companions and genetically-engineered organisms; a sense of optimism, the possible, clouded by a dark cyberpunk corporate dystopia. Mixed with this retro feel are far-flung futurism concepts such as space lifts, hyperloops and terraforming. Despite this, Dogs of Mars remains at its core a ‘hard sci-fi’ where the currently understood laws of space-travel, physics and biology are largely observed.

Into this canine universe are born the X-dogs; genetically-engineered super soldiers originally created by the Martian mega corporation Olympus Technologies. Mothballed for decades, they have been resurrected by Sasuke Hattori to help combat a strange alien entity known simply as ‘the Mold’. A fast-growing, amorphous colonial organism, the Mold threatens to eradicate all life in the solar system. Should it get out of control on a home world like Mars or Earth the canine species could be doomed.


This is where the X-dogs come in. They and the new experimental ‘RIG’ Sasuke has built show great promise in surgical-strike Mold containment. The R&D is mostly done, the wrinkles ironed out. The X-dogs and their ship Capricious are ready to go… but is everyone still on board with the idea?

Find out in Dogs of Mars: Dog from the Machine.




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