X-DOG BIO – Ash 01 ‘Zero One’

Ash Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Ash 01

Ash ‘Zero One’ is the result of O.T. trying to make Shep 00 more lifelike. Physically Ash and Shep are identical; same weight, height, bone structure, muscularity, everything, except that Ash’s coat was made white to distinguish him from his brother. Under the hood however they are quite different animals.

Rightly or wrongly, Shep sees Ash as the more sophisticated model, with his social aptitude and fine tastes; his ability to laugh, lie, cry and generally be oh so very canine, whilst still being able to kill in an instant. Ash, on the other paw, regards Shep as an emotionless, dour, husk of a dog, more automutt than canine. He pities his brother’s lack of feeling. And yet, Ash still respects Shep as the undoubted greatest X-dog; survivor of countless battles, slayer of untold foes – a true warrior. Though evenly matched on paper, perhaps Shep’s lack of emotional baggage leaves him the stronger dog, but Ash, with all the foibles of his creators, is arguably the one truly living.


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