X-DOG BIO – Cliff 04

Cliff Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Cliff 04

Like most X-dogs, Cliff is an attempt by O.T. to pre-fabricate a prodigy, in his case a pilot. Cliff was created with an innate understanding of countless vehicles; sit him inside anything and he can fly or drive it within minutes. Like most X-dogs he’s also a capable soldier, strong and skilled, especially so at ranged combat. The good news ends there, however. Cliff’s respectable statistics mask failures in X-dog technology which O.T. first discovered when making him.

Cliff was supposed to be so much more than a ‘mere pilot’. He was meant to speak a dozen languages, like Rai; to be a mechanic approaching Ben’s aptitude; and even a mathematician, so he could plot trajectories without a guidance computer, and so on. Unfortunately, as Olympus Tech and Cliff found out the hard way, even X-dog minds have data limits. Much of his P.T. program failed to stick, leaving Cliff with a patchwork quilt of knowledge – a moth-eaten quilt. The overload also left him suffering random blackouts, meaning the other X-dogs cannot be sure when Cliff might ‘crap out’ on them and collapse, even at the wheel. When he is awake he is perfectly lucid and very pleasant; a handsome, dapper dober dog full of good vibes. He is in no way bitter about his lot. Indeed, his inconsistent knowledge renders him rather convincing, making him, just perhaps, the most canine of all.


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