X-DOG BIO – Dexus 06

Dexus Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Dexus 06

A survivor by X-dog standards, Dexus 06, or this iteration of him anyway, has been around since the early days when Sasuke Hattori first resurrected the project. He has witnessed most of his comrades die at least once, usually multiple times. Dexus’ longevity is especially ironic since he is unable to feel pain. Despite dozens of accidents and instances of him placing himself in near-fatal situations to accomplish a task, he continues to outlive everyone except Ash and Shep. Is it luck, or acumen? Nobody knows, least of all Dex.

From a design perspective, Dex is geared towards high general intelligence, covering all the sciences, as well as computing and light engineering skills. Though he does not approach Hugo’s brilliance, nor Bryce’s skill, he is extremely able and everyone naturally looks to him to lead if Shep or Ash are absent. Indeed, Dex’s permanent analgesia bestows upon him certain advantages beyond even the tougher, older X-dogs. As one who feels absolutely nothing, he can be shot, starved, beaten and broken, yet keep on going. Without pain, fear, hunger or other life-preserving homeostatic signals to distract him from his duties, Dexus can remain on his feet until life completely abandons him. It hasn’t, not yet anyway.


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