X-DOG BIO – Einen 08

Einen Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Einen 08

Einen 08 was built upon the Bryce 07 body-plan. When their skill-sets and test results are compared there is little to distinguish them except their breeds. They even share the same boisterous attitude, though Einen is notably quieter, yet somehow less obedient, than Bryce. Just can’t shake that husker blood, perhaps.

On closer inspection it’s clear Einen’s muscularity and metabolic rate were deliberately decreased compared to Bryce; this reduction in strength and mass enables him to perform as a lighter, more reliable X-dog who does not overheat, albeit at the cost of recovery rate. Some at O.T. believe Einen is the pinnacle of X-dog design, despite multiple fatalities. Since his last demise, Einen has been further improved upon. He is among the next gen X-dogs, along with the latest Toby and Ben. Of the three, Einen is the real warrior, and is well-aware of the fact. With his blistering reaction times, breathtaking acrobatics and pinpoint accuracy, Einen is always pushing to the fore of a sticky situation to try and protect his brothers, and sometimes even old Shep. It’s not arrogance or pride, it’s because he knows he can do better, and wants to save them.


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