X-DOG BIO – Toby 09

Toby Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Toby 09

Like Rai 10 and Einen 08, Toby 09 is a late model and arguably more successful for it. He is what many of the tech-orientated X-dogs that preceded him were supposed to be; the culmination of their sufferings and sacrifices.

On paper, Toby’s P.T. and physiology are nearest Hugo 05’s, but with the brakes applied just enough to keep him together. And yet, somehow, the caution Olympus Tech exercised in Toby’s design has, it seems, finally created a true prodigy after all. Toby may not be as clever as Hugo out of the box, but the dog is a sponge, soaking up new knowledge and skills faster than Sasuke can log them. He’s also incredibly savvy and socially dynamic, especially for a dog who’s hardly left the sanctuary of O.T., let alone ventured into space. For you see, this particular iteration of Toby is one of the recently resurrected ‘next generation’ X-dogs, along with the latest Ben and Einen. After almost a decade being dead, this trifecta of new X-dogs are back, adjusted and improved by Sasuke, so he hopes, to better face the new threat of the Mold.


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