Bonus BIO – Holly Hunter

Holly Chart
Vitruvian Wheel – Holly Hunter

Holly hardly knew her mother, the late war hero Katre Hunter, even less her father. ‘A dog from Mars’, was all Holly’s aunt and uncle would tell her as she grew up on an Earth-side ranch in middle America. As she became old and savvy enough to put the puzzle together, Holly realised Mom had had a fling with some Mars-side marine out of wedlock and that was that. A religious family, the remaining Hunters had buried the incident, but raised the resulting pupper; a mongrel of not only two breeds, or even two nationalities, but two disparate planets. Loved and accepted, Holly let it be. She’s alive and that’s what matters, is her attitude. Indeed, Holly knows just how lucky she is to still be alive. She was present during the great Sojourn disaster – it was the last time she saw her mother and the first time she met the Mold; an experience she would rather forget.

A precocious pupper, Holly excelled at military high school both academically and physically, leaving her peers in the dust. Along the way she met Oscar Wade, son of the famous Justen Wade, that old friend of Mom’s, as well as an old enemy.  Never one to hold grudges, Holly befriended Oscar and they have remained blips on one another’s relationship radars ever since, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, but always touching base. Skipping university, much to auntie’s horror, Holly has moved to Mars in search of gainful employment and training. She’s strongly considering becoming a marine one day, or something along those lines anyway. There’s a big solar system out there and like all Hunters Holly has steel in her veins. She grew up shooting tin cans and hearing how Mom saved Earth; the call to don a navy uniform is strong.


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