Character Profile: Tristan Donskoy

Tristan Donskoy hails from the Eisbrands, those shining knights of Lupa. He is one of the strongest Howlers around and wields an enormous Zweipfoten claymore to great effect; he’s also a handsome wolf, his striking duotone eyes searing their way into even a passing beast’s memory.

Tristan’s star is rising, recognised and patronised as he is by Den Father Thorvald Strom, who looks upon this talented youth fondly. Sometimes the patronage of a Den Father can be a destructive force, leading to shame and dishonour, but Thorvald is a wolf of unquestioned integrity and thus Tristan has only benefited.

Yet all is not well in the world of Tristan. Like most Howlers he was faced with an impossible choice; serve a pack and receive one’s medicine, or else rot. Unlike most Howlers Tristan has not yet come to terms with the loss of his freedom, his dreams, even his chances at love. It galls him no end that sweet Sara Hummel cannot see past his Howler mantle, which she despises.

Tristan grew up with Meryl Stroud in the free-thinking coastal town of New Tharona and they remain loosely acquainted. Meryl, something of a radical thinker, was comfortable joining ALPHA when the chance arose, but Tristan senses a new danger in that organisation. The corrupt Republic isn’t perfect, but he believes ALPHA’s enforced homogeny and disturbing personality-cult in the form of ‘The Alpha’ is not the answer.

Name: Tristan Eisbrand Donskoy

Race: Wolf

Age: 20

Occupation: Howler

Hobbies: Gave up on them long ago

Relations: Ivan (cousin); Sara (best friend); Thorvald (patron); Meryl (old friend)

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