Profile: Rai Ten

As the only known female X-dog, Raine, or Rai, has a special place in the hearts of ‘the boys’, who tend to adopt a chivalrous air around their sister and keep her from harm’s way. They needn’t; aided by that athletic Alsatian frame Rai’s quite able to hold her own in most situations. Moreover, she also appears to have no congenital defects, unlike most of the others. This is likely the result of her being the last model O.T. designed; they had learned a great deal come X-dog 10.

Perhaps Rai’s greatest strength is her ability to blag her way through just about anything. An adept liar (she prefers actor), she was imbued with a vast knowledge of local customs, canine quirks and peculiarities. She is able to speak several languages, mimic countless accents, create backstories and generally play roles completely on the fly, all whilst memorising details, names and numbers at a mere glance. O.T. likely designed her as a spy, but her file doesn’t specify.

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