Casimir Claybourne

Casimir Claybourne grew up in an age when Howlers ruled with an iron fist with little to no regard for ‘little beasts’ such as he. Like many young rabbits and other conquered folk at the time, he was weary of being insulted, at seeing his parents’ business robbed blind by Howler protection rackets, at friends being hauled off to prison only to come back beaten black and blue, if they returned at all.

So when the last Howler War erupted, a then teenaged Casimir seized the opportunity to join a new force, that of the rebels; a vast army of little beasts fronted by radical reformist Howlers who had ambitions to overthrow the old order and set up a true and equal democracy. This war of multiple disparate factions raged for nigh on a decade, flattening half of Lupa and achieving nothing whilst raining misery and torment down on millions. If the conflagration forged anything useful, it was the recognition that the packs had become corrupt and out of touch. What should have been a minor territorial conflict confined to a few districts and Howlers had ballooned into an inferno of hate and bigotry that nearly consumed the entire Lupine Continent. Thus changes were made, most notably the inception of ALPHA.

However, this is cold comfort to Casimir. For his part in the rebel actions, he now lives in constant fear of reprisal and moves from district to district whenever he senses the authorities might be closing in. His prime concern is for his adopted son Bruno, a wolf whom he found under the rubble of war and grew to love like the son he never had. Should anything happen to Bruno there will be little left for Casimir to lose, and who knows what a desperate rabbit might not do.

Name: Casimir Claybourne

Race: Rabbit

Age: 35

Occupation: Proprietor of The Warren

Hobbies: Boxing, origami (once practiced in prison between bouts of torture to keep his paws functioning)

Relations: Bruno (adopted wolfen son); Borce (nephew); Werner (old friend)


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