DOGS of MARS Anniversary Picture (Movie Night)

The X-dogs settle down to watch a movie at the Hattori residence. Picture taken during the years Katre was active and therefore some of the boys are their earlier, or even previous selves.

From left to right: Katre embraces stoic Shep to little outward effect; noble Ash gives us the haughty side-eye; Rai is sandwiched comfortably between Ash and Bryce – just one of the ‘the boys’; Bryce and Einen best buds; Dexus stares with jaded wisdom beyond his years; Sasuke sits at the back like Dad: Toby poses for the pic and reclines like a Greek god; placid Ben nurses a huge PizzaForum shake, Max joins in but makes sure he doesn’t appear to want to; Cliff looking dapper and attentive and relaxed all at once; Hugo mucks about like a proper little thug endowed with an I.Q of 250+.

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