IMPERIUM LUPI A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats... Continue Reading →


Imperium Lupi Quiz

Adam has set up a Goodreads profile. Follow the author for exclusive info, or just test your basic Imperium Lupi knowledge. Careful, there are one or two tricky questions. Goodreads Quiz Imperium Lupi Basic Quiz taken 10 times 20 questions take quiz    

Imperium Lupi Patreon

The Imperium Lupi Patreon. Tier 1: Early access to higher-resolution artwork than elsewhere, plus some exclusive WIPS and unreleased works. Tier 2+: Access to the author's Imperium Lupi discord and future private streams. Sneak-preview pics are posted in the discord. Tiers 3, 4 & 5 also include merchandise. Other planned perks include exclusive desktop wallpapers,... Continue Reading →

What is Imperium Lupi?

Imperium Lupi loosely translates as 'Empire of Wolves', but the title also alludes to the wonder mineral 'Imperium' which powers the advanced societies that have sprung up on the world of Erde. Erde is populated by various anthropomorphic races, some great, others meek. Imperium Lupi focuses on Lupa, an oligarchical city-state of many diverse beasts... Continue Reading →

By the Same Author…

SOLDAT: Knights of Mars Many years have passed since the war between Earth and Mars. A tenuous peace holds, but a new foe is wreaking havoc in the Solar System, one that threatens the very future of humanity. They call it, the Mould. Join Sanjay Patel and his secret unit of super soldiers as they... Continue Reading →


This is a new page about the award-winning novel Imperium Lupi, featuring character bios and other information regarding the world and its author. Some details can be found here and nowhere else, not even within the pages of the book itself. Imperium Lupi

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