Character Profile – Themba Jua-mata

Themba Jua-mata is one the the three Chakaa (Howler equivalent) hyenas who Prince Noss adopted and raised, the others being Nurka and Madou. Themba is the biggest of this remarkable trio and well-suited to wielding his mighty kristahl hammer, the use of which these past few years has only made Themba grow stronger. Though argumentative... Continue Reading →


Character Profile – Ivan Donskoy

Ivan Donskoy is one of the more enigmatic wolves to walk Lupa's streets. Born in a traveller's wagon on the Great Steppes during a blizzard, or so beasts say, his fur coat is pure white from head to toe and his eyes are a crisp polar blue. Ivan's parents migrated to Lupa not long before... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Adal Weiss

Adal Weiss is the head of ALPHA, a pseudo pack/wolfen police force set up after the last Howler War. ALPHA's remit, and therefore Adal's, is to curb the corrupt excesses of the oligarchical Howlers that rule the metropolis of Lupa. ALPHA 'Prefects' are able to arrest, interview and bring charges against any Howler below the... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Monty Buttle

Montague Buttle is a dapper ginger cat from Felicia, the feline capital across the Teich. Though not royalty he once hobnobbed with the best of them and even managed to steal the heart of the Queen's very capable and much-loved cousin, Penelope. Monty and Penny married against the will of most family members concerned, including... Continue Reading →

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