X-DOG BIO – Max 03

Max was designed as an expert field surgeon, and despite some... issues, he truly is a wonder in the med-bay. To many the handsomest X-dog, and certainly the best-dressed, he possesses perhaps the sharpest overall mind. It's true Hugo is cleverer in a straight line, and Dexus more generally able across a vast array of... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Rai 10

As the only known female X-dog, Raine, or Rai, has a special place in the hearts of 'the boys', who tend to adopt a chivalrous air around their sister and keep her from harm's way. They needn't; aided by that athletic Alsatian frame Rai's quite able to hold her own in most situations. Moreover, she... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Bryce 07

Possibly the strongest X-dog pound for pound, Bryce 'Seven' pushes the limits of even augmented canine biology with his rapid metabolism, which enables him to recover and return to service within a few hours. Because of the waste heat produced by cell-division and other life processes, Bryce often gets uncomfortably hot, sometimes dangerously so. He... Continue Reading →

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