X-DOG BIO – Toby 09

Like Rai 10 and Einen 08, Toby 09 is a late model and arguably more successful for it. He is what many of the tech-orientated X-dogs that preceded him were supposed to be; the culmination of their sufferings and sacrifices. On paper, Toby's P.T. and physiology are nearest Hugo 05's, but with the brakes applied... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Hugo 05

Hugo 05 was meant to be the ultimate X-dog, and very nearly is. Technical across the board, he covers most bases, a one-dog engineering and computer-science lab. Hugo's also a capable soldier. Using a beefed-up Shiban body plan, O.T. created a compact super-marine, small, agile and strong, requiring less calories than a larger breed of... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Dexus 06

A survivor by X-dog standards, Dexus 06, or this iteration of him anyway, has been around since the early days when Sasuke Hattori first resurrected the project. He has witnessed most of his comrades die at least once, usually multiple times. Dexus' longevity is especially ironic since he is unable to feel pain. Despite dozens... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Cliff 04

Like most X-dogs, Cliff is an attempt by O.T. to pre-fabricate a prodigy, in his case a pilot. Cliff was created with an innate understanding of countless vehicles; sit him inside anything and he can fly or drive it within minutes. Like most X-dogs he's also a capable soldier, strong and skilled, especially so at... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Ash 01 ‘Zero One’

Ash 'Zero One' is the result of O.T. trying to make Shep 00 more lifelike. Physically Ash and Shep are identical; same weight, height, bone structure, muscularity, everything, except that Ash's coat was made white to distinguish him from his brother. Under the hood however they are quite different animals. Rightly or wrongly, Shep sees... Continue Reading →

Bloodfang Banner

Official IMPERIUM LUPI wall hanging. Banner featuring the Bloodfang crest, from Imperium Lupi. Fine detailed, rough stamp design. It's an exact replica of the crest found within the pages of the novel. 100% cotton, screen-printed. 50cm x 70cm, or 20 x 28 inches.

X-DOG BIO – Max 03

Max was designed as an expert field surgeon, and despite some... issues, he truly is a wonder in the med-bay. To many the handsomest X-dog, and certainly the best-dressed, he possesses perhaps the sharpest overall mind. It's true Hugo is cleverer in a straight line, and Dexus more generally able across a vast array of... Continue Reading →

X-DOG BIO – Rai 10

As the only known female X-dog, Raine, or Rai, has a special place in the hearts of 'the boys', who tend to adopt a chivalrous air around their sister and keep her from harm's way. They needn't; aided by that athletic Alsatian frame Rai's quite able to hold her own in most situations. Moreover, she... Continue Reading →

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