Character Profile: Madou Jua-mata

Madou Jua-mata is a hyena, and not just any hyena, but a Chakaa, the hyena equivalent of the wolfen Howlers. Taught to fight and wield imperium by the great Prince Noss himself, young Madou is stronger and wiser than a hyena his age should be, and brave to a fault too. Like most hyenas on... Continue Reading →


Gallery: Linus Mills (in the Den gym)

Continuing our current theme, here's Linus Mills, every Lupi fan's favourite character (and that's fine). Perhaps he's standing about in Riddle Den's gymnasium, listening to Uther brag, whilst waiting his turn to be humiliated in fencing practice or on the wrestling mat. I tried to capture his great strength, tinged with his naivety and generally... Continue Reading →

The young Watcher Tomek Usenko, pictured here in Gelb prison uniform. He's eager to help and to please, but what is his agenda? Full character profile here... What is imperium Lupi?

Character Profile: Rafe Stenton

Rafe Stenton is ALPHA's mysterious new recruit, brought in by Janoah and Silvermane to wield ALPHA's experimental 'Eisenpelz'; a powerful relic of a bygone age that only pure-blooded Howlers are strong enough to wear...   Most packs retain a cache of so-called Eisenpelz suits, but remain unable to field them since the Lupan Laws forbid... Continue Reading →

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