Character Profile – Ivan Donskoy (updated)

Ivan Donskoy is one of the more enigmatic wolves to walk Lupa's streets. Born in a traveller's wagon on the Great Steppes during a blizzard, or so beasts say, his fur coat is pure white from head to toe and his eyes are a crisp polar blue. Ivan's parents migrated to Lupa not long before... Continue Reading →


Madou, from the novel 'Imperium Lupi'; I quite like the roughness of this pic. Madou's Profile page. IMPERIUM LUPI's WordPress for more information, links and character profiles.    

Imperium Lupi Quiz

Adam has set up a Goodreads profile. Follow the author for exclusive info, or just test your basic Imperium Lupi knowledge. Careful, there are one or two tricky questions. Goodreads Quiz Imperium Lupi Basic Quiz taken 10 times 20 questions take quiz    

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