Livestream painting of Ivan Donskoy from Imperium Lupi.

Follow this link to watch Ivan's new portrait nearing completion. Follow Mike Nash for further professional art streams. Main artist Mike Nash. Guest artist Adam Browne.


ALPHA will see you now…

ALPHA was set up after the last Howler War to police the packs and stop corruption. Here are some of the characters who either begin the story within the organization, or join it at some point in the future. Janoah Valerio – An ex-Bloodfang playing a dangerous game. Rafe Stenton – ALPHA’s mysterious and powerful... Continue Reading →

By the Same Author…

SOLDAT: Knights of Mars Many years have passed since the war between Earth and Mars. A tenuous peace holds, but a new foe is wreaking havoc in the Solar System, one that threatens the very future of humanity. They call it, the Mould. Join Sanjay Patel and his secret unit of super soldiers as they... Continue Reading →

Lupi Live, Saturday 9th June 9pm~3am GMT

Imperium Lupi livestream. Join the author and cover artist on the sofa for art and questions. Mike will be continuing to paint Ivan, whilst Adam will attempt to draw alongside. Mike's channel, where Adam will be taking questions this Saturday. Adam's channel - for those interested in the cartoon artworks.

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