Character Profile: Monty Buttle

Montague Buttle is a dapper ginger cat from Felicia, the feline capital across the Teich. Though not royalty he once hobnobbed with the best of them and even managed to steal the heart of the Queen’s very capable and much-loved cousin, Penelope.

Monty and Penny married against the will of most family members concerned, including the Queen, which is one of the factors that led to the couple’s social ostracism, the other being their ‘great ambition’.

As to this great ambition, well, that I must leave to the book.


Name: Montague (Monty) Buttle

Race: Cat

Age: Life in me yet!

Occupation: Inventor and entrepreneur

Hobbies: Fast cars, travelling the globe

Relations: Penny (wife); Rufus (friend); Linus (friend)


IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.

Imperium Lupi – E-book


Imperium Lupi is a novel written by Adam Browne and published by Dayfly Publications. The story is set in an anthropomorphic, steampunk-esque universe where many races vie for domination.

The world of Erde harbours a poisonous mineral, which is being exploited beyond what the planet can sustain, leading to disease, environmental damage and social upheaval.

Amidst this turmoil beasts plan their own rise, plot the fall of their enemies, and fight for the preservation of their friends and loved ones whatever the cost to themselves, if not Erde entire.

Imperium Lupi is available now.

Character Profile: Nurka Jua-mata

Nurka Jua-mata is a Chakaa; a hyena cursed by Mother Erde to wield imperium and thus suffer its trials. Raised beside his Chakaa brothers Themba and Madou by the great Prince Noss, Nurka naturally took the lead amongst the three students. He is something of a prodigy, extremely intelligent and accomplished in many disciplines, yet as physically imposing as any Chakaa, with many a swooning hyena claiming he’s very handsome to boot.

So far as ALPHA intelligence can ascertain, Nurka is one of the ringleaders of THORN, the hyena resistance movement who claim to fight for their people’s freedom and right of the tribes to roam the continent as nomads again.

To this professed end, Nurka and his comrades have disrupted Lupan supply lines and stolen valuable imperium for some time. It now appears they are almost ready to strike. When and where and how remain a mystery, and it’s a race against time for the Howlers and Prefects of Lupa to figure out the plot and bring Nurka down.


Name: Nurka of the Jua-mata

Race: Hyena

Age: “Old enough….”

Occupation: Leader of THORN?

Hobbies: Reading, calligraphy, imperiology

Relations: Noss (Prince, teacher and brother Chakaa); Themba (brother Chakaa); Madou (brother Chakaa).

Character Profile: Tristan Donskoy

Tristan Donskoy hails from the Eisbrands, those shining knights of Lupa. He is one of the strongest Howlers around and wields an enormous Zweipfoten claymore to great effect; he’s also a handsome wolf, his striking duotone eyes searing their way into even a passing beast’s memory.

Tristan’s star is rising, recognised and patronised as he is by Den Father Thorvald Strom, who looks upon this talented youth fondly. Sometimes the patronage of a Den Father can be a destructive force, leading to shame and dishonour, but Thorvald is a wolf of unquestioned integrity and thus Tristan has only benefited.

Yet all is not well in the world of Tristan. Like most Howlers he was faced with an impossible choice; serve a pack and receive one’s medicine, or else rot. Unlike most Howlers Tristan has not yet come to terms with the loss his freedom, his dreams, even his chances at love. It galls him no end that sweet Sara Hummel cannot see past his Howler mantle, which she despises.

Tristan grew up with Meryl Stroud in the free-thinking coastal town of New Tharona and they remain loosely acquainted. Meryl, something of a radical thinker, was comfortable joining ALPHA when the chance arose, but Tristan senses a new danger in that organisation. The corrupt Republic isn’t perfect, but he believes ALPHA’s enforced homogeny and disturbing personality-cult in the form of ‘The Alpha’ is not the answer.


Name: Tristan Donskoy

Race: Wolf

Age: 20

Occupation: Howler

Hobbies: Gave up on them long ago

Relations: Ivan (cousin); Sara (best friend); Thorvald (patron); Meryl (old friend)

Character Profile: Madou Jua-mata

Madou Jua-mata is a hyena, and not just any hyena, but a Chakaa, the hyena equivalent of the wolfen Howlers. Taught to fight and wield imperium by the great Prince Noss himself, young Madou is stronger and wiser than a hyena his age should be, and brave to a fault too.

Like most hyenas on the Lupine Continent, Madou strains under the crushing thumb of the all-conquering wolfkind. Unlike most hyenas he’s determined to do something about it. To this end he stands with Nurka and Themba as they fight to free their people from the yoke of wolfen oppression. But just how far are they willing to go?


Name: Madou of the Jua-mata

Race: Hyena

Age: 16-17

Occupation: Member of THORN

Hobbies: ???

Relations: Nurka (chief and brother Chakaa); Themba (brother Chakaa).

IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.

Character Profile: Sara Hummel

Sara Hummel comes from Everdor, that breadbasket of the Lupine Continent, and as such sports the black coat and honey-yellow eyes typical of wolves from that green and wild country. She is rather small and self-conscious of it, but what Sara lacks in physical clout she makes up for in wit and determination. It’s a foolish beast indeed who crosses her.

Though she despises Lupa’s pollution and crime, not to mention its oligarchic Howler regime, Sara braved the city to gain an education at the prestigious Arkady University, studying under the famous Professor Heath and even coming to know that legendary Howler, Rufus Valerio. Sara is Heath’s star pupil, perhaps partly because, as an Everdorian wolf, she is accustomed to dealing with the giant bugs that roam the wilder regions of Erde. Bees are her favourite, but she respects all Erde’s creatures.

Despite boasting many scientifically-minded and illustrious peers in her circle, the one beast Sara holds above all others is her best friend Bruno, a kind, funny, if slightly daft fry-cook she met by sheer chance. Despite Bruno often moving house, he and Sara have kept in touch and they meet whenever they can, often going to the pictures or walking by the river, discussing life and the future.

Then one evening Bruno fails to turn up for a night out and Sara fears that the rapacious City of Lupa has claimed another victim. What has happened? What can she do? To whom can she turn?

Name: Sara Hummel

Race: Wolf

Age: 17

Occupation: Student at Arkady University

Hobbies: Bee-keeping, bugs, moving pictures, art

Relations: Cora (mother); Bruno (best friend); Olivia (schoolmate); Tristan (friend)


IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.

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