Character Profile: Chakaa Madou Jua-mata

Madou Jua-mata is a hyena, and not just any hyena, but a Chakaa, the hyena equivalent of the wolfen Howlers. Taught to fight and wield imperium by the great Prince Noss himself, young Madou is stronger and wiser than a hyena his age should be, and brave to a fault too. Like most hyenas on... Continue Reading →

The young Watcher Tomek Usenko, pictured here in Gelb prison uniform. He's eager to help and to please, but what is his agenda? Full character profile here... What is imperium Lupi?


IMPERIUM LUPI A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats... Continue Reading →

Madou, from the novel 'Imperium Lupi'; I quite like the roughness of this pic. Madou's Profile page. IMPERIUM LUPI's WordPress for more information, links and character profiles.    

Character Profile: Gunnar Greystone

Gunnar is a young Howler from the Greystone faction of Lupa and has all the hallmarks of that pack - the short brown fur, the true Lupan accent and, like any self-respecting Greystone, various gadgets (toys some sneer) tucked away in his capacious backpack. An ex-Watcher, Gunnar gave up guarding Lupa's hinterlands for a position... Continue Reading →

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