DOGS of MARS Anniversary Picture (Movie Night)

The X-dogs settle down to watch a movie at the Hattori residence. Picture taken during the years Katre was active and therefore some of the boys are their earlier, or even previous selves. From left to right: Katre embraces stoic Shep to little outward effect; noble Ash gives us the haughty side-eye; Rai is sandwiched... Continue Reading →

Bonus BIO – Holly Hunter

Holly hardly knew her mother, the late war hero Katre Hunter, even less her father. ‘A dog from Mars’, was all Holly’s aunt and uncle would tell her as she grew up on an Earth-side ranch in middle America. As she became old and savvy enough to put the puzzle together, Holly realised Mom had... Continue Reading →

Profile – Einen 08

Delving through O.T's top-secret files reveals X-dog Einen 8 to be of a similar design to Bryce 7, with the same physical prowess. At his pre-designed weight he is slightly lighter and weaker than Bryce 7, but more nimble. He also doesn't exhibit the same overheating problems. As a later model, Sasuke thinks Einen is... Continue Reading →

Profile: Penny Buttle

The Duchess of Felicia Penelope Buttle. Wife of the renowned balloonist Montague Buttle, Penny is famous in her own right, what with her blue blooded credentials. As a self-trained imperiologist she brings her chemical knowledge to the Buttle Skyways endeavour, inventing one or two things to help Monty get off the ground, as it were.... Continue Reading →

Profile: Janoah Valerio

Janoah Valerio is a Howler; a wolf able to wield the seemingly magical mineral imperium and turn its power against the enemies of the Republic. Her allegiance is to the Bloodfangs, the pack who first inducted her into their ranks when she was just a cub and thus gave her a chance at life. However,... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Tristan Donskoy

Tristan Donskoy hails from the Eisbrands, those shining knights of Lupa. He is one of the strongest Howlers around and wields an enormous Zweipfoten claymore to great effect; he's also a handsome wolf, his striking duotone eyes searing their way into even a passing beast's memory. Tristan's star is rising, recognised and patronised as he... Continue Reading →

DOGS of MARS – Portraits

All the known, extant X-dogs from DOGS of MARS. Original models. Shep 'Zero Zero' - Alsatian Commando Ash 'Zero One' - Alsatian Commando Second Generation. Maximus 'Three' - Laikan Medic Cliff 'Four' - Dober Pilot Hugo 'Five' - Shiban Polymath Dexus 'Six' - Laikan Science Officer Bryce 'Seven' - Pitsky Commando Raine 'Ten' - Alsatian... Continue Reading →

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