ALPHA will see you now…

ALPHA was set up after the last Howler War to police the packs and stop corruption. Here are some of the characters who either begin the story within the organization, or join it at some point in the future. Janoah Valerio – An ex-Bloodfang playing a dangerous game. Rafe Stenton – ALPHA’s mysterious and powerful... Continue Reading →

Imperium Lupi – Otter Barge Scene

As seen in chapter 18 of Imperium Lupi, the supercharged 'Eisenwolf' Rafe Stenton leaps onto the otter barge in pursuit of Chakaa Nurka and the other members of THORN.   Storyboard details... Panel 1: Rafe appears on the jetty. Panel 2: He prepares to leap, summoning the power of imperium. Panel 3: Boing! panel 4:... Continue Reading →


This is a new page about the award-winning novel Imperium Lupi, featuring character bios and other information regarding the world and its author. Some details can be found here and nowhere else, not even within the pages of the book itself. Imperium Lupi

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