The Chakaa Prince: Noss Jua-mata

Prince Noss of the Four Winds receives you whilst seated upon the Jua-mata throne, his inviolable posterior among the few allowed to touch the royal purple cloth. Chunta incense smoulders in a sconce beside him, tainting the air in the wind-whipped yurt with a heady and, to all but Chakaa like him, slightly toxic haze.... Continue Reading →

Linus Mills

Linus Mills is a newly-minted Howler of Bloodfang allegiance. Like many Bloodfangs he hails from far afield, his blonde fur hinting at his South Rostsonner background. His first partner and new best friend is the renowned Uther Wildheart. Though very young and naive, Linus is well-read and trains hard. He finished top of his year at... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Vladimir Oromov

Vladimir Oromov is a Bloodfang of Grand Howler rank. A distinguished-looking, highly intelligent wolf, Vladimir is an expert mover in Howler circles. Always watching, forever waiting, knowing when to speak out and when to remain silent. Thus, despite being tall and obvious at any gathering, he is often overlooked, dismissed by Elder Amael as a... Continue Reading →

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