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The amazing Rafe Stenton, ALPHA's new recruit. He is kind, brave and strong, if a little... simple? Rafe Stenton Special Bookmark    

Imperium Lupi: Chapter Excerpt

The rain battered Ivan’s body, the wind ripped at his cloak, but still he twisted the accelerator another inch, adding another few notches to the monobike’s quivering dials. Not that he paid any heed; he felt his machine’s beating heart through his legs, his body, his bones, whilst his eyes remained fixed upon the bike... Continue Reading →

ALPHA's mysterious new recruit. Little is known about Rafe, but they say he's an extremely talented young Howler.

Available at the Imperium Lupi shop. Declare your pack affiliation to your rivals. They're not as cool as glowing Howler brooches, but they'll have to do.    

A sketch of the confident Uther and worrisome Linus relaxing amidst one of Lupa's rare green spaces. The smokestacks of industry rise and billow in the background, contributing to the pollution that has devastated the city's hinterlands.

Though hyena culture appears a dense web to outsiders, in general males are deferential to females and must ultimately obey their wishes. This rule applies across the tribes, from the lowliest commoner up to the royal family. There are no kings in hyena society, only sacred queens. The highest rank a male can hope for,... Continue Reading →

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