Character Profile: Gunnar Greystone

Gunnar is a young Howler from the Greystone faction of Lupa and has all the hallmarks of that pack - the short brown fur, the true Lupan accent and, like any self-respecting Greystone, various gadgets (toys some sneer) tucked away in his capacious backpack. An ex-Watcher, Gunnar gave up guarding Lupa's hinterlands for a position... Continue Reading →

ALPHA will see you now…

ALPHA was set up after the last Howler War to police the packs and stop corruption. Here are some of the characters who either begin the story within the organization, or join it at some point in the future. Janoah Valerio – An ex-Bloodfang playing a dangerous game. Rafe Stenton – ALPHA’s mysterious and powerful... Continue Reading →

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