X-DOG BIO – Dexus 06

A survivor by X-dog standards, Dexus 06, or this iteration of him anyway, has been around since the early days when Sasuke Hattori first resurrected the project. He has witnessed most of his comrades die at least once, usually multiple times. Dexus' longevity is especially ironic since he is unable to feel pain. Despite dozens... Continue Reading →

Jua-mata Hyenas

The five leading hyenas from the Jua-mata hyenas.   Based on the novel Imperium Lupi... Princess Arjana - Future queen of the Jua-mata Prince Noss - The 'mad' husband of Arjana Nurka - The clever leader of THORN Themba - A mighty, hammer-wielding Chakaa warrior Madou - A short but powerful Chakaa

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