Jua-mata Hyenas

The five leading hyenas from the Jua-mata hyenas.   Based on the novel Imperium Lupi... Princess Arjana - Future queen of the Jua-mata Prince Noss - The 'mad' husband of Arjana Nurka - The clever leader of THORN Themba - A mighty, hammer-wielding Chakaa warrior Madou - A short but powerful Chakaa


Gallery: Linus Mills (in the Den gym)

Continuing our current theme, here's Linus Mills, every Lupi fan's favourite character (and that's fine). Perhaps he's standing about in Riddle Den's gymnasium, listening to Uther brag, whilst waiting his turn to be humiliated in fencing practice or on the wrestling mat. I tried to capture his great strength, tinged with his naivety and generally... Continue Reading →

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