Character Profile: Adal Weiss

Adal Weiss is the head of ALPHA, a pseudo pack/wolfen police force set up after the last Howler War. ALPHA's remit, and therefore Adal's, is to curb the corrupt excesses of the oligarchical Howlers that rule the metropolis of Lupa. ALPHA 'Prefects' are able to arrest, interview and bring charges against any Howler below the... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Vladimir Oromov

Vladimir Oromov is a Bloodfang of Grand Howler rank. His past is a mystery to most, but he has clearly been around the block enough times to know how Lupa works. A distinguished-looking, highly intelligent wolf, Vladimir is an expert mover in Howler circles; always watching, forever waiting, knowing when to speak out and when... Continue Reading →

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