Casimir Claybourne

Casimir Claybourne grew up in an age when Howlers ruled with an iron fist with little to no regard for 'little beasts' such as he. Like many young rabbits and other conquered folk at the time, he was weary of being insulted, at seeing his parents' business robbed blind by Howler protection rackets, at friends... Continue Reading →

Politzi Chief Werner Schwartz and Constable Borce Claybourne. The Politzi sort out misdemeanours the mighty Howlers haven't got the time for, or consider beneath their dignity. Every pack has their own Politzi and they are often every bit as corrupt as their wolfen overlords, if not more so.

Casimir Claybourne is the proprietor of The Warren freehouse, or 'café', as he ambitiously calls it. His adopted son Bruno does most of the cooking and the heavy lifting, as you can see. More on Casimir and Bruno.

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