Character Profile: Tomek Usenko

Tomek Usenko grew up on the Great Steppes, eking out a living on the family farm, suffering through broiling summers and snowbound winters, as well as the ever-encroaching pollution drifting up from Lupa. He left school aged twelve to work full-time, but soon developed signs of the dreaded disease that afflicts all Howlers. Realising what... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Gunnar Greystone

Gunnar is a young Howler from the Greystone faction of Lupa and has all the hallmarks of that pack - the short brown fur, the true Lupan accent and, like any self-respecting Greystone, various gadgets (toys some sneer) tucked away in his capacious backpack. An ex-Watcher, Gunnar gave up guarding Lupa's hinterlands for a position... Continue Reading →

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