This is a new page about the novel Imperium Lupi, featuring character bios and other information about the world and its author. Some details can be found here and nowhere else, not even within the pages of the book itself, as there is often not room within a given novel to cover all the ground one would like to.

Imperium Lupi

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Imperium Lupi


A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats fester within the Lupan Wall. There are those who would overturn the rule of the Den Fathers, if not the dominion of wolfkind altogether, by persuasion, murder, even genocide, if that’s what it takes.

Imperium Lupi is a gritty, steampunk, fantasy adventure packed with intrigue and flexible morals. The true monsters are not the giant insects that stalk the wild world of Erde, but the beasts who don the mask of civility to cover their crooked convictions.

“For the Republic Lupi!”


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Character Profile: Prince Noss Jua-mata

Consort to Princess Arjana and father of her sacred cubs, Prince of the Four Winds and of the Jua-mata; Noss holds many titles, including the dubious honour of ‘Chakaa’. Uniquely he is both an infallible hyena prince and a ‘mad’ Chakaa – an impossible square to circle.

However, as both a Chakaa and Prince of the most prominent hyena tribe, the Jua-mata, Noss made an ideal candidate for the ‘hyena integration programme’, whereby noble hyenas of consequence would be exposed to Lupan society, educated in their ways, and returned to the tribes to spread the word of Lupan munificence, hopefully diffusing tensions. Chakaa are the equivalent of wolfen Howlers, able to wield the power of imperium, and thus Noss was enrolled in a Howler Academy under the careful tutelage of Rufus Valerio. For many years Noss fought as a Howler, specifically under the much rarer Watcher branch, his knowledge of the wilds proving invaluable for policing the walls of Lupa and the wild hinterlands. He spent his days battling giant centipedes and arresting imperium traffickers; his nights about town with Rufus, Ivan and other famous Howlers. These good friends and others he endowed with Lupan versions of honourary hyena-names, Red-mist, Blade-dancer and such, names that meant something to a hyena.

As the years passed Noss grew disillusioned with Lupa; disgusted by its ways, the crime, the filth, the dishonesty and corruption. Worse, his people still lived in bondage. The integration programme had done little to bring wolf and hyena together and thus the tribes suffered still, and there was nothing Noss nor even Rufus could do about it. So one morning the prince simply abandoned his post and melted back into the tribes, losing himself in the arms of a beautiful noble hyeness and starting a family. He had given up on politics, on trying to set an example. As a mad Chakaa he would live for himself and his first love now, whilst he still had mind and body enough to take such a lucid decision.

For his family’s future Noss has concocted a wild plan. But… is it his plan, or someone else’s? Is it even a good one? Will he remain a pawn in the games of others, or will he at last recognise himself as a prince amongst beasts and take control?


Name: Noss of the Jua-mata

Race: Spotted hyena

Age: Mid twenties.

Occupation: Prince of the Jua-mata (they have no kings)

Hobbies: He is versed in all the disciplines an educated prince should be, and more

Relations: Arjana (wife); Zuma and Anjali (cubs); Rufus (teacher and friend); Nurka, Themba and Madou (pupils)


Character Profile: Adal Weiss

Adal Weiss is the head of ALPHA, a pseudo pack/wolfen police force set up after the last Howler War. ALPHA’s remit, and therefore Adal’s, is to curb the corrupt excesses of the oligarchical Howlers that rule the metropolis of Lupa.

ALPHA ‘Prefects’ are able to arrest, interview and bring charges against any Howler below the rank of Den Father. However, owing to the nuisance Adal Weiss and his ‘black-cloaked bullies’ make of themselves in the pursuit of justice, most wolves of rank are already whispering that perhaps ALPHA’s inception was a bad idea.

Having suffered great personal losses during the war and almost dying himself several times, Adal takes his job as Lupa’s conscience completely seriously. A reserved, stoical, highly disciplined wolf who does not drink or smoulder, Adal appears a horrendous bore at a distance. Worse, he’s lately begun styling himself as ‘the Alpha’, like some wolfen dictator of old!

Has it all gone to his head? Some say so, yet most beasts come away from their first meeting with ‘the Alpha’ shocked at how amiable and approachable he is, often struggling to shake off his charismatic spell. He’s rather short, they say, and yet he fills the room with his dry wit and easy charm. When he takes you by the shoulder and locks you with his ice-blue eyes he makes you feel, for a moment, the most important beast in the world.


Name: Adal Weiss

Race: Wolf

Age: The ‘war generation’ like so many wolves of consequence

Occupation: Grand Prefect

Hobbies: A surprising many

Relations: Horst, Nikita and Duncan, all old comrades from the war.

Character Profile: Vladimir Oromov

Vladimir Oromov is a Bloodfang of Grand Howler rank. His past is a mystery to most, but he has clearly been around the block enough times to know how Lupa works.

A distinguished-looking, highly intelligent wolf, Vladimir is an expert mover in Howler circles; always watching, forever waiting, knowing when to speak out and when to remain silent, even going so far as to habitually dampen his corona and meld into the background. Thus, despite being tall and obvious at any gathering, he is often overlooked, dismissed by Elder Amael as a weakling pen-pusher who at best runs his department efficiently. His subordinates, however, remember him well-enough, mostly for his tall demands and short temper. Vladimir is not above clouting wayward Howlers round the back of the head or twisting an ear when he loses his cool, or feels challenged, or betrayed, especially by those he has guided and nourished. Whether Vladimir realises it or not, or downplays the matter or not, he is a classic ‘alpha’ wolf.

The question is, after stumbling across the plot of the century, can Vladimir sail the choppy waters of Lupan politics and see himself, his wolves and perhaps the entire Republic Lupa safe, or will they all be dashed upon the rocks?

Name: Vladimir Oromov

Race: Steppes wolf

Age: Early thirties, but nobody really knows

Occupation: Grand Howler

Hobbies: Botany, imperiology, and almost everything else

Relations: Would rather not say


IMPERIUM LUPI the novel. By Adam Browne.

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